Capitula 161 Libro Terzo Il quale Tratta Dell’Arte della spada da due mani

“Look now to the name of God as I give you the principles of the art of two-handed sword, wide play and then the narrow, and the wrestling (prese) of the sword making a most beautiful thing and making again against hafted weapons one on one and in a company. And other styles that happen to be used in said two-handed sword. If you remain attentive and note what is written; first the need that you go to find your enemy with one of those that happen to use this two handed sword.Note what I have written and remain attentive. Now, having arrived close to your enemy you will put yourself in the guardia di testa when you go and find said enemy. But watch well that if he is in the porta di ferro alta there is a need that you make a falso imputanto to the outside of his sword to his right side. In this you will step forward with the left foot and the right throwing at the same time a mandritto to the head with a tramazzon. In this manner your sword will go into the porta di ferro larga. Then if your enemy attacks your head you will throw your right leg towards his right side and you will parry with the right edge of your sword (note: parry with the edge and not with the flats. This is a common theme in Marozzo). You will do the parry in such a manner that your point turns to the enemy and in the same time you will step with the left foot towards his right side and you will throw a roverso fendente to his head. Your sword will then go into the coda longa e alta with the left foot forward. But if your enemy in this attacks your head you will throw your left foot close by the right and you will cross your arms strongly raising the point of your sword to his face and in this manner you will have parried the attack above and having made the parry you will throw your right foot two hand widths back and throw a rising falso dritto to his hands. In this the left leg will go strongly behind the right such that your sword goes into the porta
di ferro alta and the left leg will follow the right behind. I want you to wait for your enemy. “